Review of the telecom package

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Last updated 1 September 2017

9 February
Adopted at CoR Plenary

Delivering the 5th generation Internet

The connectivity needs of Europeans are growing. At the same time the digital economy offers new opportunities to boost Europe’s economy. For this reason the telecoms rules are being reviewed. Mart VÕRKLAEV‘s policy recommendations on for instance 5G networks or the WIFI4EU action plan will benefit the end user: the European citizens.

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The opinion aims to support internet connectivity of high quality based on very high-speed broadband services, financial assistance within the Union to contribute to the EU’s economic, social and territorial cohesion.To share the Commission’s view that all urban areas and the most important land transport routes should have full 5G coverage; supports the interim target whereby a 5G connection should be available as a commercial service in at least one major city in each Member State by 2020.


12 September Mart VÕRKLAEV welcomes the European Parliamant’s approval of the WIFI4EU initiative which he supported in his report as it benefits EU citizens, providing people with a high-quality Wi-Fi connection free of charge in and around public buildings, as well as public spaces through EU financial assistance.

8 February Rapporteur Mart VÕRKLAEV discussed his opinion and other digital issues with European Commissioner for the Digital Single Market Andrus ANSIP.

Mart VÕRKLAEV and Andrus ANSIP

Mart VÕRKLAEV with Andrus ANSIP



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