Social innovation

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Last updated 16 May, 2017

11-12 May
Adopted unanimously at CoR Plenary

31 January  
Exchange of views

Innovation for social solutions

Social innovation is a new approach which can be a key instrument for combating youth unemployment, bringing people with greater difficulties into the labour market and revitalising more outlying regions and run-down urban areas.

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The European Union is facing major societal challenges including migration, ageing, unemployment, climate change and the energy transition. Although these challenges call for significant European investment over the longer term, it is important to be alert to everyday issues in cities and regions, and to look for the solutions at grassroots level rather than in a top-down way. These challenges need to be tackled in a different way, since existing approaches are not bringing us any closer to a solution, and the problems continue to accumulate.


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31 March 2017 The opinion was approved in SEDEC commission.




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