Missing transport links in border regions

This article was published under the 2015-2020 European Committee of the Regions mandate.



Last updated 13 February, 2017

9 February
Adopted at CoR Plenary

Don’t get stuck at the border

Bridging missing links in border regions for all transport modes – road, rail and water – will open up new opportunities for citizens and businesses, boosting employment and tourism, says Michiel Scheffer.

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Missing links in border regions form part of a wider issue: lack of financing for the development of local and regional transport infrastructure. In view of the upcoming budgetary review there is a necessity to intensify the political effort to close the missing transport links in Europe’s border region. The own initiative opinion handles the missing links in the context of cross-border mobility and also to frame it in the wider context of reinforced cooperation with the EP and the European Commission.The opinion assess the needs for closing the missing links of small scale infrastructures in Europe and to find ways for financing them in the future. The objective of the opinion is to address the development of local and regional transport infrastructure in border regions.


February 9 Discussed his report and other infrastructure works and funding with MEP Matthijs van Miltenburg (D66) in the European Parliament.



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