Mid-term review of the EU Forest Strategy

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Last updated 17 April 2019

2018 & April 2019
Adoption at CoR Plenary

December 2017
appointment of the rapporteur

January 2019
appointment of the rapporteur


The progress in the implementation of the EU Forest Strategy

The recommendations of the opinion by Ossi Martikainen on the EU Forest Strategy are not totally taken up by the Midterm review and this opinion serves as a follow-up to it

Mid-term review of the Forest Strategy 

Martikainen looks at the implementation of the EU Forest Strategy and added to its review; his report provides the opportunity to mainstream adaptation to climate change into existing policies and financing tools and calls on the Commission to offer appropriate empowerment options to regions and cities. Forests cover 40% of total EU area and consist of a key resource for improving quality of life and job creation, particularly in rural areas.

This report was adopted at the CoR Plenary in May 2018.



Finnish media cover the adoption of Martikainen’s opinion after the European Committee of the Regions plenary session of April 2019.

At a EUSTAFOR (the European State Forest Association, which represents state forest companies, enterprises and agencies that have sustainable forest management and sustainable wood production as major concerns) round table meeting in Brussels about the coherence between forest-related policies in the EU and the role of the EU Forest Strategy our rapporteur Ossi Martikainen presented his CoR opinions. He outlined several policy recommendations, such as improving EU level coordination of policies with an impact on forestry, the role of local and regional authorities and the importance of the forestry sector for the rural areas.


13 November

Participation of rapporteur Martikainen in Bioregions 2018 Forum – Vision, approaches and experiences in the forest circular bioeconomy in Barcelona, Spain.

10 October

Rapporteur Mr Ossi Martikainen and Herbert Dorfmann MEP discussed their views related to Mid-term review of Forest Strategy and more generally on the sector itself.


9 October

Exchange of views with the ALDE Group’s Ulrike Müller MEP , discussing Forest Strategy in the EU.

22 May 

Finnish media Savon Sanomat covers Martikainen’s report







18 May Finnish blog Ekofokus zooms in on Martikainen’s report.

13 – 14 May

Conference on the Implementation of the EU Forest Strategy for a sustainable way of living in our cities and regions. This followed after an invitation of Mr. Laszlo Majthényi (President of the General Assembly of Vas County – Hungary, after which the NAT Commission organised this conference in Szombathelyi, Hungary with Ossi Martikainen as chair.

22 January

First discussion in the NAT Commission on the opinion. Martikainen focuses on the proper management of the renewable national resource that are forests and the need to talk more about the role of forests from the perspective of local levels as ownership is an important question, as the competence lies within the member states.


December  Appointment of rapporteur

Ossi Martikainen


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