ALDE meetings

The main topic of the meeting focused on EU budget (Multi-annual Financial Framework). Every seven years, the Union decides about its future finances. The current period runs from 2014-2020. The withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the Union will mean the loss of a significant contributor to the financing of the Union’s policies and programmes. The Commission intends to present its proposals for the next Multiannual Financial Framework by early May 2018 at the latest, on the basis of intensive consultations with Member States, the European Parliament and the wider public.

This year the annual study visit and external seminar which is hosted by our Latvian member Dainis TURLAIS will take place on 23 April in Riga. The seminar will focus on security and EU-Russia affairs and it will be followed by a study visit to the National Armed Forces Military Base in Ādaži

As previous time, the main topic of the meeting will focus on EU budget (Multi-annual Financial Framework). On May 2, the European Commission proposed the next long-term EU budget for the 2021-2027 period, known as the Multiannual Financial Framework. The proposal is an attempt to address the challenges the EU is facing while dealing with a sizeable gap left by the withdrawal of one of the largest net contributor, United Kingdom, from the EU.

During the last group meeting, ALDE members highlighted that cities and regions all over Europe are using cohesion funds to support SMEs for climate adoption and to find transport solutions. These projects are addressing new priorities and reduction of the funds would reduce the capacity of cities and regions to address these new challenges.