The Committee of the Regions organises its work within six commissions which specialise in different policy areas and prepare the work for the plenary. Each political group nominates coordinators for each commission who take on a leading role in representing the group and organising its participation within that commission. The ALDE Group also has Deputy Coordinators. For more information about these commissions, please visit the main site of the Committee of the Regions.

Coordinator CAFA (Commission for Administrative and Financial Affairs) + Political Monitoring Group
Mrs Agnès DURDU (LU) and Mrs Satu TIETARI (FI) Deputy: Mrs Kate FEENEY (IE) and Mr Jess LAURSEN (DK)
Coordinator CIVEX (Citizenship, Governance, Institutional and External Affairs Commission)

Coordinator COTER (Territorial Cohesion Policy and EU Budget)
Mrs Ulrika CARLEFALL (SE) Deputy: Mr Jean-Francois BARNIER (FR)
Coordinator ECON (Economic Policy Commission)
Mr Jean-Luc Vanraes (BE) Deputy: Mrs Kate FEENEY(IE)
Coordinator SEDEC (Social Policy, Education, Employment, Research and Culture Commission)
Mrs Doreen HUDDART (UK) Deputy: Jane Strange NIELSEN (DK)
Coordinator ENVE (Environment, Climate Change and Energy Commission)
Mr Andres JAADLA (ET) Deputy: Mr Jens Bo IVE (DK)
Coordinator NAT (Natural Resources Commission)
Mr Ossi MARTIKAINEN (FI) Deputy: Mr Jerry LUNDY(IE)
Subsidiarity Steering Group Coordinator
ARLEM (Assembly of Regional and Local Authorities of the Euro Mediterranean)
Jean-François BARNIER (FR)
CORLEAP (Conference of Regional and Local Authorities of the Eastern Partnership)